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Fall into fabulous skin…



“The perfect blend of results & relaxation”

198 New York Ave  Huntington,  NY  11743  Suite #3

Tel:  631-629-4334


 (mid-depth peel for dry, aging skin-this is an advanced peel that will cause the skin to peel for a few days-the results are AMAZING!!)


This peel tightens, brightens, & protects against free-radicals with rejuvenating flower and wine acids, restoring skin to a more youthful appearance


(superficial peel with minimal to no peeling)


This peel is for REJUVENATION for sensitive skin, skin with broken capillaries, skin prone to redness & irritation and slightly sensitive tendency with coarse texture and impacted pores.


Exfoliate skin for a brilliant luster while Antiox-idants in_Fuse skin with essential moisture, nourishment, & protection.  Skin will sparkle and feel instantly firmer as important peptides and antioxidants tone the skin, providing soothingly cool relief from free radical damage.  The perfect facial for the client who wants a quick polish and glow!

55 minutes  $115

The “UPLIFT” Facial

An uplifting experience that will turn back the clock.  Relax and be pampered as a double enzyme exfoliation deeply cleanses the skin and botanical protein mask provides intense stimulation for facial muscles for tightening.  Enjoy the added luxury of a hand treatment, focused attention on the eye area, a soothing massage and hot towel treatment.  This is a facial that will keep you coming back for more!  Using only the most elite skin care products and intelligent ingredients, skin will be toned, lifted, hydrated, & radiant.

90 minutes  $150


 Book one of our SPECIALITY SEASONAL peels or facials as advertised above and receive 20% OFF.

Available for limited time only (December 1st,  2014) …

“As fall sets in”

it’s a great time to hit the reset button on your skin, aiming for a revitalized and refreshed appearance. La Piele private boutique spa on New York Avenue in Huntington has the solution for healing your post-summer skin and bringing it back to its former glory. Ideal for men, women, and adolescents, the signature facial is a great choice for all skin types and complaints.

La Piele Spa is running a fantastic deal for our members on a 55-minute revitalizing signature facial for only $39 – a $105 value. The treatment starts with a deep cleanse to unclog pores and clear out any debris. This is followed by exfoliation, gentle massage, and moisturizing geared toward your skin’s specific needs.

The professional estheticians at La Piele are well versed in handling all skin needs from acne-prone teens to aging, fine lines, dryness, redness, and more. Whatever pampering your face requires, it’s in good hands at La Piele. With fall and the upcoming holiday season come plenty of opportunities to face the camera’s click; be ready for your close-up any time with skin that glows thanks to a revitalizing signature facial at La Piele Spa in Huntington.


Do you struggle with applying your makeup on a daily basis?


Not sure what brushes to use or how to transform a day time look into an evening out? We can teach you how to accomplish this task and you can be the artist of your own make up application.

Book a Make up lesson in the month October for only $60 Normally $95
It’s one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself!
Message us for an appointment..


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Need an uplift?

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Our clinically based UPLIFT FACIAL is here! This uplifting experience will turn back the clock. You will be pampered as our double enzyme exfoliation deeply cleanses the skin and our botanical protein mask provides intense stimulation for facial muscles. With the added luxury of a hand treatment, focused attention on the eye area, soothing massages and hot towel treatments- this is a facial that will keep you coming back for more! We use only the most elite skin care products and intelligent ingredients by Rhonda Allison- your skin will be toned, lifted, hydrated, and radiant… And most of all you will be spoiled rotten!

A healthy complexion can be achieved with consistency, patience, and commitment..


End of September special. Available for purchase only until Wed. Purchase 3 chemical peels ($200 value) or 3 microdermabrasion a ($300) value and receive 2 free treatments… Because repetition and consistency is the key to results… Having multiple treatments close together will create cellular results and change your skin taking it to the next level. Your friends will ask you what you have been doing..

Fall Event

Join us for a Beauty “Fall” Ladies Night
Tuesday, September 16th Starting at 5:30pm

 Featuring …
Cosmetic Injections done by Michael DeRosa, N.P. of “Rejuvenation Solution”
 Beautiful, trendy pocketbooks…come check out all the latest fall fashions
Mini “Spa” make-overs using our quality Glo Mineral Products


 Call (631)629-4334 today
Space is limited and filling fast

Cosmetic Fillers
(Normally $550)
Buy 2 Get 1 Free

This includes
Juvederm Ultra®

$550 Per Tube
Excludes Juvederm Ultra Plus &Voluma

Botox® Cosmetic
Normally$12 per unit
Now Only $10 per unit

Area’s to Treat
In between brows
Crows Feet

$10 Per unit

La Piele
198 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

Appointments required call (631) 629-4334
Space is limited call today

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Collagen Induction Therapy
Dermapen Micro-Needling Device
for the treatment of
aging, sagging skin
acne scars
keloid scars
stretch marks

Coming Fall 2014
Our New & Improved Facial Menu..

All specials are not to be combined with any other offer or prior service, Offer expires September 16th, 2014
Not to be combined with any other offer or prior service.



As if there weren’t already enough things causing wrinkles while you’re awake—smiling, frowning, sipping from a straw, probably breathing—it turns out even sleeping can be line-inducing. Those creases you wake up with after you’ve face-planted for a long night’s rest? Not so harmless. “They are caused by the skin crunching against a pillowcase and breaking down collagen and elastic tissue,” explains dermatologistDebra Jaliman, the author of Skin Rules. With time and repetition, that creates a permanent wrinkle. “When you are young, like in your 20s and 30s, you have good collagen and elastic tissue,” says Jaliman. “But when you’re older, it’s a problem. The skin isn’t as resilient.”

So how to prevent these tricky wrinkles of the night? You’ve probably seen ads for “anti-aging pillows” on late-night T.V. While they might seem gimmicky, Jaliman says that there’s science behind the claim. Because sleep wrinkles are caused by the friction of rubbing against your pillow, you can buy silk pillowcases, which slide rather than pull against your skin, or you can simply learn to sleep on your back. If that’s so uncomfortable it leaves you sacrificing your beauty sleep altogether, try something like the JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow, which cradles your head in a way that allows you to stay in your position of choice without compression.

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The Skin Cream Ingredients: You Should Never Mix and Match!



If you’re anything like me, you pile at least three skin-care products on your face each morning. Right now, my routine includes a moisturizing essence (which feels like water on your skin), an antioxidant vitamin C serum (my current fave isSkinCeuticals C E Ferulic), and a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher (like Obagi Professional-C Suncare SPF 30). If you don’t already layer your skin care, it’s a good idea to start: Dermatologists say it traps more active ingredients against your skin, so every product you use works better. But you before you get all mixologist on your face, you should know that some skin-care ingredients do not play nice together. Here’s your do-not-mix list:

Retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, like glycol and lactic acids. “This duo is a recipe for redness and irritation,” says Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist in Boston. If you do mix them, the fastest way to calm skin is by popping an anti-inflammatory, like aspirin, and smoothing on hydrocortisone cream.

Citric acid with anything. We know what you’re thinking: What’s citric acid? “It’s an ingredient in lots of moisturizers, and when you layer it with other products, it causes irritation,” says Hirsch. (It’s listed as citric acid on the ingredient list, so it’s easy to spot.)

Retinol and acne treatments. Using salicylic acid and retinol at the same time causes dryness and redness. Mixing benzoyl peroxide with retinol has the opposite effect: “The two ingredients have been shown to deactivate each other,” says Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist in New York City and Miami.

Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids. “They change the pH of vitamin C enough to destabilize it, making the antioxidant ineffective,” says David Bank, a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York. If you’re wearing a serum with glycolic acid, pick serums with heartier antioxidants, like green tea and resveratrol.

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