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Transformation can happy at any age-Experience “THE PLATINUM EXPERIENCE at La Piele Skincare! The ultimate luxury facial using Glo Therapeutics CYTO-LUXE line. An indulgent fusion of science and nature. Powerful plant actives combine with potent anti aging ingredients, delivering a calming sensory experience while providing visible lifting and radiance. Designed to rejuvenate you both inside and out!

Treatment will personally he performed by Michelle Kelly the owner !

$135 for one hour.   Very good a bit of expensive ingredients. Well worth it

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“baby soft skin delivered naturally”


Soothing Herbal Cleansing Milk

A gentle cleansing milk that lifts impurities and makeup. Formulated in a soothing Aloe gel base, Laminaria Algae, Arnica and Calendula with a light scent of Lavender. Ideal as an eye makeup remover.  $32


Key Ingredients

Aloe: Soothing gel base
Laminaria Algae: Natural emollient properties
Shea Butter: Healing properties
Comfrey, Calendula & Arnica: Anti-inflammatory, healing, calming
Lavender: Calming


Energizing Marine Wash

A deep pore cleanser formulated with a rich paste of organic Laminaria Algae imbued with aromatic essences that revitalize the skin by stimulating microcirculation to restore a healthy glow. Ideal for oily/congested skin types.  $34


Key Ingredients

Laminaria, Lithothamnium & Spirulina Algae Complex: Anti-inflammatory, balancing
Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender & Sage: Tones, stimulates, purifies, refreshes, heals
Shea Butter: Healing properties

Vital Sea Mist

An Isotonic Seawater mist fortified with Hyaluronic Acid to attract and retain moisture to the skin, and Antioxidants to restore lost minerals and vital elements. Use after cleansing or whenever skin needs refreshing.  $34


Key Ingredients

Isotonic Sea Water: Remineralizes
Laminaria Algae: Restores minerals and vital elements
Hyaluronic Acid: Attracts and retains moisture in the skin
Ascorbic Acid & Vitamin E Complex: Natural Antioxidant protection


Anti-Blemish Oil

Our blend of antiseptic essences in a base of Antioxidant Botanical Oils promotes decongestion, normalizes oil secretions and helps to control blemishes and future breakouts. Recommended for even the most sensitive skins.


Key Ingredients

Passiflora Oil: A light bacteriostatic oil
C & E Oils: Antioxidants that promotes collagen synthesis; soothe inflamed skin
Tea Tree & Thyme: A broad spectrum antiseptic complex
Rosemary: Balances skin’s pH, & decongests pores $35  


Hydrating Sea + C Elixir

Revive lackluster skin with our blend of aromatic Essences of Lavender, Lemon, Geranium and Roman Chamomile. These Antioxidant Oils stimulate circulation, provide cellular protection and leave your skin with a healthy glow.


Key Ingredients

Borage Oil: Rich in skin repairing EFA’s, Antioxidant
Buriti Oil: Ethno-botanically harvested Beta-carotene Antioxidant
Oleoresinoids: Antioxidant Rosemary Extract
Roman Chamomile: Gently stimulates skin circulation
Geranium: Skin healing  $50



Sea + C & E Ferulic Acid Serum

Our breakthrough anti-aging “Fusion Technology” increases collagen synthesis for firmer, healthier skin, and protects and repairs damage from environmental & U/V exposure. Dull, lifeless skin looks brighter and luminous. Added Thiotaine with Vitamins C&E, Ferulic Acid and Plankton Enzymes, Marine C & E Complex is the ultimate cellular protection against environmental aging factors. Best used with any anti-aging treatment for mature and sun-damaged skin, and as an anti-inflammatory booster under your daily moisturizer.         $95


Key Ingredients

Vitamin C&E Complex: Antioxidant protection while stimulating collagen synthesis
Ferulic Acid: Powerful Antioxidant protects cellular integrity against sun exposure while stabilizing Vitamin C
Thiotaine: Recycles Vitamin C, providing longer Antioxidant protection than Idebenone or Co-Q10 Improves cellular oxygenation and promotes skin luminosity
Laminaria & Porphyra Red Algae Complex: Remineralizes and nourishes; anti-inflammatory
Orphidium Algae: Anti-inflammatory plankton extract that repairs damage to cellular DNA while plumping the connective tissue matrix